Have an older TV with only antenna connections and no AV jacks?  Your DVD player has only S-Video output?
Now you can connect your DVD player, laptop, or desktop computer with S-Video output to your television!

This Kit Only $49.95.  IN STOCK. E-Mail for PayPal Invoice or Payment Instructions.

Our complete kit has what you need!

  • Stereo RF modulator (sold separately elsewhere for $39.95)
  • 12-foot S-Video cable with bi-directional S-Video to RCA composite converter (sold separately for $16.94)
  • 12-foot RCA cables for audio (sold separately for $9.95)
  • Complete instructions.  Works on either Channel 3 or Channel 4 75 Ohm connection.  If neither Channel 3 or Channel 4 are available, you may need an inexpensive 75 ohm switcher (not included.)

  • How it works

    Plug S-Video 12-foot converter cable included in this kit into the S-Video OUT socket of your DVD player, DSS, camcorder, etc.  You can also connect to your laptop computer or desktop system that has an S-Video OUT socket. This is a great solution for those who have DVD players that include only S-Video OUT instead of composite video OUT.  If you've been going nuts trying to figure out how to connect to your TV that doesn't have either S-Video IN or composite video IN, keep reading.
    Next, plug the included 12-foot RCA cables into the red/white audio OUT jacks of your DVD player, DSS, camcorder, etc.  If you want to connect to a computer's sound card that uses a 3.5 mini-stereo jack instead of RCA jacks, ask for a FREE mini-stereo to RCA jack splitter.
    Plug the S-Video converter end of the included cable into the back of the RF Modulator, and then connect the red/white cables to the audio IN jacks of the RF Modulator.  This modulator supports stereo sound of both right and left channels!
    Finally, connect the antenna OUT jack to your TV using a standard 75 Ohm cable.  If your TV has more than one 75 Ohm input you can have your DVD, etc. and cable TV/antenna input connected at the same time using the different input connectors.
    If you also have another VHF video source and Channel 3 or 4 is free, you can connect the source to the Antenna IN jack.  If neither channel is free, you may need to unhook the RF modulator to use the other source, or use a 75 ohm switcher like the Radio Shack 15-1247B mini AB Switch.
    Select either Channel 3 or Channel 4, plug in the included AC adapter for the RF modulator, and you're ready to go!